Complaints and appeals Policy.



The process of responding to and addressing complaints, disputes and appeals is an integral part of our company’s client relations and assurance of customer satisfaction.

It is ALFA EGYPT policy that complaints and appeals shall be handled within a reasonable timescale and as transparently as possible, whilst fully respecting principles and requirements of confidentiality and impartiality and will not result in any discriminatory actions.

This document is applicable for any complaint raised by a customer, potential customer or any stakeholder who may have concerns about or are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service or the service or performance of a company certified by ALFA EGYPT.

It is also applicable in the case of an appeal by a customer against an ALFA EGYPT decision or in any other dispute.

Complaints about ALFA EGYPT service or processes.

Complaints should be addressed in the first instance to ALFA EGYPT to investigate and respond. You will receive acknowledgment, a review of the issue will be initiated, and a response will be made by a person independent of the issue.

ALFA EGYPT shall retain the anonymity of the complainant in relation to the client, if the complainant provides an adequate justification for maintaining anonymity.

Below the LINK OF complaints form, If you have any complaint Please fill the form and submit it to 

gallery/02 Customer Complaint.docx



Disputes and Appeals

Where a complaint between ALFA EGYPT and a customer cannot be resolved, and the customer does not accept ALFA EGYPT response, an appeal can be made. Details will be made available upon request to ALFA EGYPT. Ultimately disputes shall be handled in accordance with the rules of accreditation, legislation as specifically applicable in contract or normal legislation with the country of operation.

Complaint and Appeal Resolving Process

A complaint or appeal shall be submitted in writing. Below the LINK OF Appeals form,  Please fill the form and submit it to

gallery/03 Appeals form.docx


To assist in this process, complaints and appeal should include following information:

  • Name and contact details of the complainant

  • Clear description of the issue

  • Evidence to support each element or aspect of the complaint or appeal (documents, locations, persons, dates etc.)

  • Receipt of a submitted complaint or appeal will be acknowledge by ALFA EGYPT;

ALFA EGYPT will provide an initial response, including an outline of the proposed course of action to follow up on the complaint or appeal, within one (1) week;

ALFA EGYPT will keep the complainant informed of progress in evaluating the complaint or appeal;

ALFA EGYPT will investigate the allegations and specify all its proposed actions in conclusion to the complaint or appeal.

ALFA EGYPT will finally notify the complainant when the complaint is considered to be closed.